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Furnas Brand Products
Master Switch, Pressure Switch, Alternating Relay

Furnas Brand Master Switch/Drum Controller

Furnas Master Switch / Drum Controller
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Type 4253

Furnas Brand Master Switches are used to provide single handle pilot control of hoists, cranes, oven pushers, car movers and other equipment requiring speed steps of wound rotor or direct current motors.

Type 4258

Furnas Brand Drum Controllers start, stop and change the speed and/or rotating direction of reversible AC and DC electric motors.

Furnas Brand Class 53 Master Switch - Type 4253
Furnas Brand Class 58 Drum Switch - Type 4258

Furnas Brand Pressure Switch

Furnas Pressure Switch
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Furnas brand pressure switches provide automatic control for air or water systems such as compressors, dry sprinkler systems, and well pumps or pumping systems. Thousands of variations are available to provide maximum flexibility at minimum cost provided by Spec Tech.

Furnas Brand Class 69ES Pressure Switch - Water Systems
Furnas Brand Class 69J Pressure Switch - Air Systems
Furnas Brand Class 69M/69H Pressure Switch - Air Systems
Furnas Brand Class 69 Special Application Pressure Switch
Furnas Brand Class 69W Pressure Switch - Water Systems

Furnas Brand Alternating Relays

Furnas Brand Alternating Relays
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The Furnas Brand Class 47 alternator relay provides a means of automatically alternating the operation of two separetely mounted motor driven pumps or compressors. This alternating action assures even readiness and wear on both pumps.

Alternating Relay - Type 5247

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