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Communications and Networking

IDEC Communications and Networking
The Actuator Sensor-interface (AS-interface) is the simplest and most cost-effective of the PLC-based industrial-networking protocols. This type of field bus is primarily intended to be used to control sensors and actuators at distances of up to 100 meters.

AS Interface

MicroSmart Master Module
IDEC AS Interface Microsmart Master Module


The AS-Interface is a reliable bus management system in which one master periodically monitors each slave device connected on the AS-Interface bus in sequence. The FC4A-AS62M master manages the I/O data, parameters, and identification codes of each slave in addition to slave addresses.

Key Features

  • Compliance with AS-Interface Version 2.1 specifications
  • Digital and analog slaves can be connected
  • Bus topology is flexible
  • High reliability and security
  • IEC62026-2 compliant

Documents and Downloads
MicroSmart Master Module Catalog
MicroSmart Master Module Manual

PS2R Power Supplies

IDEC PS2R Power Supplies


Your AS-Interface network can depend on the reliable PS2R AS-interface power supply. Available in 73W and 145W in a slim and rugged housing,
these power supply provide unparalleled power source for your network.

Key Features

  • Slim housing style mountable on DIN rails
  • Two output ratings: 73W and 145W
  • IP20 finger-safe terminals
  • CE marked (LVD, EMCD)
  • UL listed (UL 508), CSA (C22.2 No. 950), TUV (EN60950, EN61010-1)
  • Noise standards EN55022, EN61000-6-2 compliant
  • IEC62026-2 compliant

Documents and Downloads
PS2R Power Supplies Catalog


IDEC SwitchNet


What is SwitchNet? SwitchNet is an IDEC trademark for pushbuttons, pilot lights, and other control units capable of direct connection to the AS-Interface. SwitchNet devices are completely compatible with AS-Interface Ver. 2.1.

IDEC SwitchNet is available in the L6 series16mm and HW series 22mm panel cutout. It features a spring clamp terminals for easy wiring. Illumination can be adjusted in four level of brightness. There are 216 models of HW series and 277 models of L6 series are available with SwitchNet products.

Key Features

  • Spring clamp terminals reduce wiring time
  • Illuminated units can change brightness in four levels: 100%, 50%, 25%, and 12.5%
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Available models include pushbuttons, pilot lights, illuminated pushbuttons, selector switches, key switches and illuminated selector switches.

Documents and Downloads
SwitchNet Catalog

AS-Interface Safety at Work

Safety Monitor

IDEC AS-Interface Safety at Work

The SX5A Safety monitor allows you to easily connect AS-Interface safety products to an existing AS-Interface network while being able to meet EN954-1 Category 4. Easy to use software makes setup and configuration quick and simple.

The unit can be set for either Stop category 0 or 1 (stop category 0: when a warning signal is input, the safety relay is shut down instantly; stop category 1: when a warning signal is input, the safety relay is shut down after the machine driving part has moved to safe status)

Key Features

  • EN954-1 category 4 compliant
  • Standard slaves and safety slaves can be used in the same network, and no new safety network is necessary
  • Response time 40 ms maximum (time interval after the safety input of safety slave has been shut down until the safety output is turned off)
  • A maximum of 31 safety slaves can be connected
  • Stop category 0 or 1 can be selected
  • Easily setup using Windows based configuration software

Documents and Downloads
SX5A Safety Monitor Catalog

AS-Interface E-Stops

IDEC AS-Interface E-Stops

AS-Interface E-Stops from IDEC gives you the quality and variety of IDEC’s best E-stops. Compatible for any AS-Interface Safety at Work network, these E-stops allows you to easily connect to an existing network.

Models are available in your standard XW Series (22mm mounting holes with 40mm or 60mm mushroom heads), XA Series (16mm mounting holes with 29mm or 40mm mushroom heads) or FB Series (XW Series in Box Enclosure.)

All units are dual function (Push Pull and Push Lock-Turn Reset) and comply with IEC 61508 SIL3 (Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems) and EN954-1 safety category 4 (Safety of machinery-Safety related parts of control systems).

Key Features

  • Complies with IEC 61508 SIL3 and EN954-1 safety category 4
  • Space, wire, and labor-saving solutions for safety equipment
  • Equipped with AS-Interface standard slave functions
  • Dual function Push Pull and Push Lock-Turn Reset
  • 1-IN (non-illuminated) and 1-IN/1-OUT (illuminated) types available
  • XA 16mm series available with ø29mm and ø40mm mushroom buttons with IDC connection available
  • XW series available with ø40mm and ø60mm jumbo mushroom buttons with IDC or Crimping connections available
  • FB series plastic control stations XW series emergency stop switches with M12 connection available

Documents and Downloads
AS-Interface E-Stops Catalog

Communication Terminal

IDEC Communication Terminal

The SX5A Communication terminal allows you to easily connect a non AS-Interface product to an existing AS- Interface Safety at Work network.

With 2 inputs available on each unit, you can connect 2 different products to each terminal.

LED indicators provides the user quick glance of power and input status while standard cable piercing allows for easy installation on an existing network

Key Features

  • Connect non AS-Interface safety products, such as door interlocks or light curtains, to an AS-Interface Safety at Work network
  • Power using standard AS-Interface power supply
  • Indicator LED help identify operation and input status
  • Two inputs are available per communication terminal
  • Wire using standard cable piercing method

Documents and Downloads
Communication Terminal Catalog


SX5L Smart I/O Modules
IDEC LONWorks SX5L Smart I/O Modules


LONWORKS refers to the whole multi-purpose network technology developed by Echelon Corporation to provide solutions for building and home automation, industrial, transportation, and public utility control networks. LONWORKS is a field level open network that enables to build open, multi-vendor control systems of the peer-to-peer distributed control configuration.

The SX5L is a terminal block type LONWORKS I/O device available in a variety of models designed for multi-vendor building automation and industrial control networks. All SX5L communication terminals contain Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs) defined by the LONMARK Interoperability Association.

Key Features

  • Removable finger-safe spring-up terminal blocks protect against electric shocks and save wiring time.
  • Compact housing for all modules: 75H x 132W x 48D mm
  • 12 different modules designed for general purpose digital control
  • I/O signals for specialized applications
  • Digital I/O module is also available for start/stop control with 8 inputs and 8 outputs
  • Analog input and Pt100Ω input modules are ideal for air-conditioning and temperature control
  • Pulse input module can count input pulse signals
  • Lighting control module is used for illumination control of fluorescent and incandescent lamps
  • Standard configuration property type (SCPT) allows for adjusting communication traffic
  • LONMARK compliant

Documents and Downloads
SX5L Smart I/O Modules Catalog
SX5L Smart I/O Modules Manual
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