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Motor Drive Isolation Transformers

Dongan Motor Drive Isolation Transformers are
specifically designed to meet the requirements of SCR
controlled variable speed motor drives. They are
ruggedly constructed to withstand the high mechanical
forces associated with SCR drive duty cycles. The
double-wound construction isolates the line from most
SCR generated voltage spikes and transient feedback.
These transformers also assist in reducing some types
of line transient that can cause SCR misfiring.

UL Listed, File E78234.
CSA Certified, LR560.
Three Phase 3 - 145 kVA.
3 - 7.5 kVA are copper wound and equipped with a UL 200°C insulation system and a 115°C temperature rise. Windings connect to compression style terminals, eliminating the need to purchase additional connectors.
11 - 145 kVA are aluminum wound and equipped with a UL 220°C insulation system and a 150°C temperature rise. Windings connect to buss bar style terminations equipped with NEMA standard holes for user supplied compression style terminals.
NEMA-3R, ventilated, cabinet style enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor use. No extra rainshields required for outdoor use.
Electrostatic shield between windings provides cleaner output voltage and helps to reduce spikes and transients.
Vibration dampening pads provide quiet operation.
Core and coil and nonstandard designs are available by consulting the factory, your Dongan distributor or your Dongan Representative.

Motor Drive Isolation Transformer Voltage Combinations

230 230 Y / 133
230 460 Y / 266
460 230 Y / 133
460 460 Y / 266
575 230 Y / 133
575 460 Y / 266
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