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Control Cabinets

Power Supply - System Solutions from a Single Source


In the field of power supply, Murrelektronik offers complete system solutions from a single source. Our product portfolio includes a complete range of products, from simple transformers through to battery-backed, redundant, intelligent power distribution systems.

Murrelektronik products in the field of power supply are designed for worldwide installation since they are approved by international bodies. Flexible variants are possible for many components, for example transformers, to meet your exact requirements.

In the top field of intelligent power distribution, MICO provides load circuits with effective protection and prevents the risk of fire. This intelligent component saves space, reduces switch-on peaks, saves operating states, and stops overcurrents quickly and safely. It is fitted with well-arranged LED status displays and is designed for fast, reliable installation by means of a bridge system.

Interface Suppression - Safeguard Machine Availability Effectively

Interface suppression

Suppressor modules from Murrelektronik ensure machine availability. The benefits of suppressor technology are enormous and far outweigh the measures linked with its deployment. For a small price, you can prevent malfunctions or faults and save considerable costs. Murrelektronik offers matched components for contactors, motors and valves designed for installation in control cabinets or in the field. You can eliminate voltage spikes with a wireless solution.

The decisive benefit for you:

  • Optimum suppression by matching the individual requirements of your inductive loads.
  • Quick to install using preassembled modules - always the right fixing materials.
  • Greater machine availability and productivity due to fewer malfunctions or outages.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to longer life cycles for contacts and switch components.

Processing - Coupling Modules, Control Technology, Fieldbus Modules


Coupling modules from Murrelektronik can disconnect, switch, or convert voltage - even where space is at a premium. Our product portfolio comprises a diversity of relay and optocoupler modules that use the practical terminal block format. Our analog transformers and temperature converters are specially designed for applications in the field of process measuring and control technology.

Murrelektronik modules for control technology are practical, useful components for installation in your control cabinets. Card holders and passive relay modules are simply snapped on and connected - that's all! The use of potentiometer modules as a complete solution saves complicated wiring, and therefore time and costs.

Our fieldbus modules save you processing space and they process both analog and digital signals. The plug-in terminals make the modules user-friendly. They are easy to operate and clearly laid out. This makes servicing very uncomplicated.

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