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Northstar Rotary EncodersNorthstar Rotary Encoders

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Northstar brand rotary encoders with magnetic sensing technology are the recognized specialists in heavy-duty encoders and pulse tachs for over 30 years. Rugged and reliable Northstar brand heavy duty, mill duty shaft encoders and pulse tachs provide high performance and velocity feedback in extreme application environments. Formerly known as Lake Shore Cryotronics then Northstar Technologies, Northstar remains a recognized brand and international leader in magneto-resistive technology and mill-duty industrial applications. Northstar became a division of Danaher Industrial Controls Group in 2000.

Northstar Rotary Encoders Northstar Products:

Mill-Duty, RIM Tach Series Incremental Encoders

Heavy-Duty, SLIM Tach Series Incremental Rotary Encoders

Harsh-Duty Intrinsic-Safe / ATEX Certified Optical Encoders

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