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Daykin Electric Corporation was started in 1968 as a control systems manufacturer involved in the design, build and installation of machine tool and process controls. Daykin Electric Corporation developed its first product, a transformer disconnect assembly, to power fluorescent lamps inside a control enclosure. The transformer disconnect line has been expanded to include products that provide power to programmable controllers and other electronic devices. Transformer manufacturing became part of the company's growth in the early 1980's. In 1993, 24 Volt DC Power Supplies were added to the product line. In 1995, the company expanded capabilities to include in-house sheet metal fabrication. In 1997, in-house powder coating was added. In June of 2002, Daykin Electric Corporation was acquired by Warner Power Company of Warner, NH. Additional Daykin products include liquid level detectors, program ports, fluorescent light fixtures and AC/DC Power Units.

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Daykin Electric Products:
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Daykin Electric Transformers

Daykin Electric Corporation has designed a line of dry type transformers of the highest dependability. Our design engineers specify only quality materials to maximize the best electrical and thermal characteristics for years of reliable service. All Daykin Transformers utilize 100% copper windings, premium grade silicon core steel, a superior insulation system and convenient terminations.

Daykin manufactures Machine Tool, Industrial Control, Isolation (with electrostatic shielding), Motor Drive, General Purpose and Autotransformers in single and three phase from 0.25kVA single phase all the way to 0.22MVA 3 phase. Units are available potted, open and enclosed. Multiple taps available for all supply voltages, worldwide. Constant voltage transformers available from 0.5kVA to 3kVA providing a regulated sinusoidal waveform output.
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Daykin Electric Transformer Disconnect

The Daykin Transformer Disconnect is an electrical assembly which consists of a disconnect switch, copper wound transformer, fuse block and fuses. The disconnect switch is interlocked to the door therefore, power must be disconnected before the door can be opened.

These components are interconnected to provide user and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) a convenient, accepted and specified package to mount in or on an electrical enclosure.

The unit, when wired to the line side of the control panel's main disconnecting device, will provide a 120 VAC power source for lamps, industrial equipment, programmable controllers, computers or microprocessors.
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Daykin Electric Power Supplies

The Daykin PS Series of DC Linear Power Supplies has a 460 / 480 VAC input with a 24 VDC output. The range is from 5 amps through 75 amps. The power supply comprises a high quality transformer, with copper windings and electrostic shielding, feeding a high quality bridge rectifier, with a full load output ripple of < 1% RMS.

The 5 amp units have a single phase input. The 10 amp through 75 amp units are three phase. The 5 amp, 10 amp and 25 amp devices are available open or enclosed construction. The 50 amp and 75 amp are furnished enclosed only. The enclosed units are furnished in a nonventilated enclosure with a gasketed cover.
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Daykin Electric AC/DC Power Supply

The Daykin AC/DC power supply line is very extensive - too much to describe in a catalog or simple static web page. So we cordially invite you to 'build your own'. This powerful interactive webpage permit you to build a customized power supply precisely tailored to your needs, yet available on very short lead times, at standard off the shelf prices.

Customized power supplies cover the ranges from:
0.5kVA to 50kVA; 5,12,15,24, and 48VDC outputs; 120-600VAC outputs; DC, 50Hz and 60Hz

The Daykin AC / DC Power Unit Type DD provides three separate isolated outputs in one compact epoxy encapsulated enclosure. The standard unit is furnished with an input of three phase 480 VAC 60Hz. The three separate isolated outputs are three phase 220 VAC, single phase 120 VAC and 24 VDC.

The TD unit provides two separate isolated outputs in one compact enclosure. This series combines a control transformer with a DC power supply. The standard unit is furnished with a single phase 480VAC, 60Hz input. The two seperate outputs are single phase 120VAC at 1.2kVA or 2kVA and 24VDC at 15 mps.
AC/DC Power Units Catalog Pages


Daykin Electric Program Port

The Daykin Program Port Module allows access to the programmable controller without having to open the control panel doors or de-energize the main disconnect.

Unit Used With
RJ45M, 8 Wire Allen Bradley SLC-500 Family
9 Pin D-sub Allen Bradley PLC-5 Family
Square D SY/MAX 200-600
Modicon 984 Slot Mount and Compact 984
15 Pin D-sub Allen Bradley PLC-2 Family
25 Pin D-sub Allen Bradley PLC-3 Family
Modicon 984A, 984B, and 984X
Token Ring Modicon Mod Bus Plus Network

Program Ports Catalog Pages

Daykin Electric Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The Daykin Fluorescent Fixture is designed for interior control panel lighting. This unique fixture contains a 15 watt fluorescent lamp with tube sleeve guard, adjustable door operated switch, and a 125V 15 AMP single receptacle.

We offer two styles, along with a new 24V DC fixture.
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