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PowerTrak® Cable Carriers

The following products represent the Gleason Reel-Engineered Products cable and hose carriers in .PDF format. Literature can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.

Gleason PowerTrak Product Line Overview

Powertrak product line of cable carriers and hose carriers This catalog provides an overview of all of the products that make up the Gleason Reel PowerTrak product line of cable carriers and hose carriers. A good place to start if you are unsure which product will fit your application.
Download PowerTrak Product Line Overview catalog

Gleason Series Type "E" & "EF" Steel Link PowerTrak®

Type E & EF Cable/Hose carriers

Type "E" - Cable/hose carriers with rugged steel side chains and aluminum or steel carrier bars are ideal for harsh environments and high speed operation. Unique nylon disks placed between the links reduce friction and operating noise. Links are high-strength, low-alloy steel and employ a 2:2 double link design for maximum strength. Type "E" PowerTrak is available with inside openings from 0.75" x 3.75 to 8.00" x 23.28" with a maximum cable/hose size of 7.73" o.d. Total travel of 146 feet is possible when optional roller supports are used. Speeds to 500 fpm are possible.

Type "EF" - PowerTrak is designed with the most demanding industrial applications and harsh environments in mind. There are sizes to handle cables as large as 7.73" in diameter.


Gleason Series Type "G" Nylon & Aluminum PowerTrak

Type G  Nylon andAluminum Cable/Hose Carriers Heavy duty molded nylon side chains on the versatile PowerTrak provide quiet operation and eliminate the need for periodic lubrication. The unique links, separated by steel cable/hose carriers, do not corrode, are non-conductive, resist abrasion and slide more easily than steel side links. If desired, twist-out aluminum bars allow easy cable/hose installation. A wide variety of cable/hose carrier designs are available. Type "G" PowerTrak is available with inside opening from 0.75" x 4.00" to 3.09" x 18.00". Maximum cable/hose OD 2.81". A maximum total travel of 800 feet is possible when optional guide tray and carriage is used.
Download Type "G" Cable/Hose Carrier Catalog

Gleason Series Type "GRP" - Molded Nylon PowerTrak

Type GRP Molded Nylon Cable Carriers

Light weight and corrosion resistant, type "GRP" PowerTrak is ideal for carrying control cables, cords, individual wires and tubes. Molded from fiber-reinforced virgin nylon, one piece links easily snap together to customize length. Material is highly wear-resistant, self-lubricating, and is not damaged by salt or hard water, lubricating oils and greases or hydrocarbons such as conventional fuels.

Type "GRP" PowerTrak is available with inside openings from 0.75" x 0.59" to 2.55" x 8.00" for cables or hoses with a maximum outside diameter of 2.12". Maximum total travel is 300 feet when optional guide tray is used. Most sizes have flip open tops for easy access to cables, cords and hoses.

Download Type "GRP" cable/hose carrier catalog catalog

Gleason Series PowerTube™ Models 815, 1020, 1530, 2045

PowerTube 815, 1020, 1530, 2045 PowerTube has the same non-metallic advantages as PowerTrak GRP, but in addition, it's totally enclosed. When protection from hot chips and other debris is needed, PowerTube offers a low cost solution with high aesthetic value. Seven models to choose from. PowerTube is available with inside opening from 0.81" x 1.50" to 2.00" x 4.50" for cables or hoses up to 1.67" O.D. Maximum total travel with guide tray is 200 feet.
Download PowerTube Catalog

Gleason PowerFlex™

Powerflex Enclosed Conduit Enclosed conduit cable and hose carrier for machine tools, robots and material handling equipment. Modular design allows shortening or lengthening PowerFlex. Polished stainless steel outer shell and smooth, self-lubricating fiber-reinforced Nylon inner liner provides ultimate protection to cables and hoses and promotes long conduit life, even in harsh environments. Sizes to handle cable to 2.36" diameter.
Download PowerFlex catalog
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