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The following products represent the Gleason Reel-Engineered Products Festoon System product line. Product literature in .PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.

Gleason Series Track Master Festoon System

Track Master Festoon System Track Master Festoon Systems are available in three sizes, and with either clips for round cables/hoses, cable clamps for flat cables, or specially designed clamps for holding a mixed load of hoses, round cables and flat cables. A typical system consists of an end clamp which secures the cable or hose at the non-moving end, a tow trolley or control unit trolley which is moved back and forth manually or by a machine, and a series of intermediate trolleys supporting the cable or hose. The quantity of intermediate of intermediate trolleys is determined by two factors; the travel distance of the system and the depth of the cable or hose loops. The trolleys roll smoothly in a specially formed "C" shaped track.
Download Track Master Catalog

Gleason Series Beam Master Festoon Systems

Beam Master Festoon System Heavy Duty I-Beam Supported Festoon Systems are designed for high speed. High load applications. Maximum speeds, depending on model, range from 350 to 800 feet per minute with maximum loads from 250 to 1,100 lbs. per trolley.
Download Beam Master Catalog

Gleason Series PDQ 300 I-Beam Festoon

PDQ 300 I-Beam Festoon PDQ 300 I-Beam Festoon incorporates economically priced yet rugged trolleys for lighter systems. Max capacity 300 lbs. per trolley at 400 fpm.
Download PDQ 300 catalog

Gleason Series PDQ 450 & 700 I-Beam Festoons

PDQ 450 & 700 I-Beam Festoons The PDQ 450 and 700 I-Beam Festoons are similar to the PDQ 300, but designed for heavier loads...450lbs or 700 lbs. per trolley. They are economically priced yet filled with outstanding features.
Download PDQ 450 & 700 Catalogs

Gleason Series I-132 Festoon System

I-132 Festoon System Specially designed to provide the high speed, high capacity service required by container cranes, the I-132 Festoon System is packed with features. Capable of speeds to 600 FPM and loads to 500 lbs per trolley.
Download I-132 Festoon catalog

Gleason Series I-152 & I-162 Container Crane Festoon Systems

Container Crane Festoon Systems Designed for extremely heavy loads, fast speeds and severe duty cycles the I-152 and I-162 Festoon Systems feature easily maintained and replaceable wheels as a standard, or re-lubricable wheels as an option. All wheels can be easily and safely replaced with trolley remaining on the beam. Capable of speeds to 800 FPM and capacities up to 1,100 lbs per trolley.
Download I-152 & I162 Container Crane Festoon catalog

Gleason Series T-50 Curved Rail Festoon System

Curved Rail Festoon Systems Heavy duty festoon system follows your machinery or conveyor line. Supplies electric power or compressed air, where needed, when needed. Unique eight wheeled trolleys glide smoothly around curves or along straight sections. Curved rail sections are available with 36" to 340" radii.

Gleason Series RTG 450 & 700 I-Beam Festoon System

I-Beam Fesoon Systems RTG 450 & 700 I-Beam Festoon System for rubber tired and rail mounted gantry cranes. Choice of two capacities at 500 fpm (150m/m): SERIES RTG-450, 450 lbs. (202.5kg) capacity per trolley. 2.5" (63mm) dia. wheels. SERIES RTG-700, 700 lbs. (315kg) capacity per trolley. 4.0"(102mm) dia. wheels. Economically priced, filled with outstanding features.
Download RTG 450 & 700 catalog

Pre-Engineered Products Group - Festoon Kits

Gleason Festoon Kits - Wire Rope

Festoon Kits - Wire Rope

Pre-engineered kits take the mystery out of festooning. Each kit includes everything you need including trolleys, wire rope and all fasteners. Just add cable or hose. Nylon or steel trolleys available.

Trolleys designed for quick installation. Parts slide together, lock automatically and trolley is ready to roll. Not fasteners to drop or lost. Removal or replacement is just as easy.

The quickest way to select a Tag–Line festoon system. For single cables/hoses. All the necessary parts come in a box. Add exact cable/hose for your job and it’s finished.

Download Wire Rope Festoon Kit Information

Gleason Festoon Kits - C-Rail Mounted

C-Rail Mounted Festoon Kits

• Specially designed for overhead cranes
• Zinc–plated steel with yellow dichromate dip finish
• Wheels smooth–running ball bearing
• Axles Zinc–plated steel
• C–Rail Track Roll–formed galvanized steel
• Hardware Zinc–plated steel
• Active Travel Up to 72 feet (21.6M)*
• Trolley loads Up to 45 lbs/trolley (20.25kg)**
• Speed Up to 250 fpm (75M/m)
• Kits are boxed for parcel delivery shipment and are complete with C–Rail Track, all components, and hardware.

Download C-Rail Mounted Festoon Kit Information
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