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Ohio Magnetics AWX Lifting MagnetThe AWX and DAWX series of lifting magnets are Ohio’s cost-effective answer to severe-duty, tough scrap handling applications. These aluminum wound magnets feature either standard field or deep field designs to meet the ever-growing demands for cost-effective, productive, long-lived solutions.


Typical Applications

  • Scrap Handling

Ohio Magnetics AWX - Scrap Handling


>Lifting Magnet Design Form (Excel form)



  • Aluminum wound severe-duty magnets for tough scrap handling applications

  • Optional deep field design (DAWX), to provide an even more powerful gripping force

  • Protective manganese bottom plate, to add structural strength

  • 230 VDC standard; special voltages available by request


>Average Lifting Capacity in Lbs.

>(based on specifications from Institute of Scrap Iron & Steel)



>Single Slab

>or Billet

>Machine Cast

>Pig Iron

>#1 Heavy


>#1 Machine


>#2 Broken



>34" AWX





>250 - 400


>40" AWX





>400 - 600


>45" AWX





>500 - 1,000


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