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Ohio Magnetics Bi-Polar Lifting MagnetOhio Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets do more than lift steel. They lift your profitability. These magnets handle finished and semi-finished steel slabs, structurals, coils or bundles. More importantly, they handle them without slinging, blocking and hooking operations. And Ohio Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets feature efficient, low-amp draw designs that cut energy costs every day. Add a price that is always reasonable and you're looking at today's superior value in lifting magnets.


Ohio provides a wide spectrum of standard and special bi-polar magnet designs with options to meet any application. These designs uniquely handle higher-temperature material than a standard rectangular magnet through a specially positioned magnet coil. A specially designed internal construction – just the right balance of wire to steel – develops maximum flux density for heavy-duty lifting with minimum power construction. Furthermore, Ohio’s bi-polar magnets use fewer square inches of magnet pole to contact the load, substantially reducing heat transfer and thus retaining maximum lifting capacity.


Typical Applications

  • Versatile magnet design for mill applications such as

    • Plates

    • Billets (hot and cold)

    • Coils (eye vertical and horizontal)

    • Structurals

    • Bundles

    • Rebar

    • Rails

    • Tubes and Pipes

Bi-Polar Lifting Magnet  Ohio Magnetics Lifting Magent - Bi-Polar


Lifting Magnet Design Form (Excel form)



  • Heavy-duty magnet construction

  • Pole lengths from 24” to 100”, or to any special length required

  • 100% lifting area with a uniform field across the full length of the unit

  • Available in 8”, 12”, 13”, 19” and 22” designs; special widths available to meet any application

  • Renewable or auxiliary pole shoes can be supplied for radial or irregular shapes of all sizes

    • Tapered poles for bundles, coils and structurals

    • Removable poles, angles and tubes

    • Flat poles for sheets and plates

  • Designs available for hot-work applications
  • 230 VDC standard; special voltages available by request


Magnet Width

Plate Size

Pull (*)

(lbs. / in. of length)
















(*) Working pulls at 230 VDC under ideal conditions.

Capacities based on clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon steel plate.

De-rate according to required safety factor and for thinner plate.

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