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Ohio Magnetics 250 VDC Magnet Safety Disconnect SwitchOhio Magnetics

250 VDC Magnet Safety Disconnect Switch

Productivity and operator safety remain key concerns of all Ohio's customers. That's why we pair our performance-engineered solutions with well-designed safety equipment. At times, operators of heavy equipment need to disconnect the magnet while the equipment is still energized. Standard knife or safety switches are not capable of breaking this highly inductive magnet energy. Ohio's magnet disconnect switch interrupts the magnet circuit arc by using a quick break switch with a permanently connected power diode across negative and positive of the switch output. The power diode directs the discharge current from negative to positive while blocking the normal current from positive to negative.


  • Manually operated safety feature

  • Automatic discharge of magnet power

  • Available in 30, 60, 100 and 200 amp switch designs

  • Mechanical interlock (door must be closed to operate magnet)

  • NEMA 3R (IP-32) / NEMA 12 (IP-65) combination enclosure

  • Fuses optional

250 VDC Magnet Safety Disconnect Switch

Part Number

Amp Rating (max.)









Additional Disconnect Switches are available from the factory as well:

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DS-100 A.jpg (104459 bytes)    DS-200 A-1.jpg (120786 bytes)    DS-200 A-2.jpg (109816 bytes)

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