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SEW Eurodrive

DS/CM Servomotors

Dynamic performance, precision and adaptability make SEW-EURODRIVE synchronous servomotors an economical solution in a wide range of mechanical and plant engineering applications. The DS/CM series comes in a sturdy housing and with built-in convection cooling, assuring reliable performance and long service life. This new line of servomotors covers an extended range of standstill torques, from 1 Nm to 68 Nm, with peak performance ratings of up to 238 Nm. These versatile servomotors have a high overload capacity and provide solutions for almost every power requirement.

The modular design of SEW-EURODRIVE servomotors makes it easy to apply them in an almost unlimited number of combinations, so there's an SEW solution no matter how unique the requirements of your application. DS/CM servomotors can be mounted directly on a machine or integrated with the gear unit. Gear units in standard and reduced backlash designs can be installed, as well as planetary and angular servo gear units that can be mounted directly on the motor without using an adapter. You can also choose between 24V holding brakes for the DS series or powerful servo brakes for the CM series.

Feedback options include the standard 2-pole resolver or optional absolute single and multi-turn encoders with HIPERFACE® interface. The high torque of the optional working brake for the CM series provides an optimum solution for hoist applications.

DS/CM series
SEW designed these new synchronous servo motors specifically for highly dynamic applications like material handling, packaging, crane and hoist control. The CM motor series is available in three sizes, with three lengths for each size. They cover the torque range between 5 and 68 Nm static torque. They come equipped with high-energy NdFeB magnets that deliver a very high overload capacity of 400% standstill current as standard. The modern technology of the magnetic circuit assures high rotational accuracy and low cogging. For static torques of 1 to 4 Nm, the DS series provides the ideal low power solution and is also available in three lengths. The acceleration torques of these motors are three to four times the static torque for all sizes. All motors come equipped with standard thermal motor protection and resolver feedback for motor control.

  • Very dynamic and powerful
  • Large torque range
  • Stepped speed classes
  • Direct drive technology or geared servomotors
  • Integral gearmotors with standard or servo gears
  • Servo brake with hoist capability
  • Resolver or high-resolution absolute encoder
  • High overload capacity throughout
  • High quality of concentric properties
  • High degree of protection
  • Plug solution or terminal box
  • Servo cable for fixed or flexible installation
  • Optional motor equipment:
  • Terminal box, forced cooling fan, and motor brake
  • All motors with UL or CSA approval

Advantages of system solutions with DS/CM synchronous servomotors
  • Servomotors from 1 ... 68 Nm
  • Servo controllers by SEW-EURODRIVE
  • MOVITOOLS® operating software with startup functions
  • Calibration function for external mass moments of inertia
  • Technology functions
  • Engineering support
  • After sales support
  • CAD files for all motors
  • Technical documentation, available online

Technical data
Static torque [Nm]
Speed class [min– 1]
Mass inertia [kgcm2]
Brake motor
5 ... 68
0.48 ... 189
0.88 ... 209
1 ... 68
1 ... 68
1 ... 21

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