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SEW Eurodrive

Electronic Control and Systems

SEW-Eurodrive provides a wide range of electronic control systems, from motor mounted frequency inverters to drives with complex positioning capabilities. With SEW you get single source convenience, proven performance and drive packages that are right for your application needs.
The Smart Gearmotor With Integrated Frequency Inverter

  • Economical solution for variable speed AC motor control
  • Sensorless vector control provides excellent speed regulation and up to 50:1 speed range
  • Designed to match motor specifications; no parameter setup required

    Frequency Inverter

    IP20/NEMA 1 Design
  • Exceptionally compact footprint uses less space in control cabinet
  • Competitive price makes precise motor control more affordable
  • Quick and simple "plug in and drive" startup

    Frequency Inverter

    IP55/NEMA 12 Design
  • IP55/NEMA 12 design
  • Excellent price and performance
  • Quick and simple "plug in and drive" startup

    Frequency Inverter

  • High-quality system components
  • High power range across all supply voltage ranges
  • High EMC protection

    Universal Motor Controller

  • All encompassing AC drive series for:
        Sensorless vector (200:1 speed range)
        Closed-loop vector (5000:1 speed range)
        Servo controller (5000:1 speed range)
  • Removable memory module for quick unit start-up after replacement
  • Extensive range of expansion options

  • MOVIDRIVE® Compact
    Universal Motor Controller
  • Economical version of the full-featured MOVIDRIVE® AC drive series for:
        sensorless vector – 200:1 speed range
        closed-loop vector – 5000:1 speed range
        servo controller – >3000:1 speed range
  • Ideal for less complex control of motors in systems incorporating full-featured MOVIDRIVE®

    The Contactless Power System

    MOVITRANS® is a contactless energy transfer system for mobile loads. Consisting of both a stationary converter/transformer and one or more mobile pick-up units, it transfers electrical power between components without any contact (inductively) via an air gap.


    The new MOVIFIT® system combines the established advantages of SEW-EURODRIVE decentralized installation technology with modern, application-oriented drive and communication functions.


    MOVI-PLC® is a family of programmable logic controllers for inverters. It allows drive solutions, logic processes and sequence controls to be automated simply and efficiently using IEC 61131-3 compliant programming languages.

    Drive Operator Panel
    SEW-Eurodrive's Drive Operator Panel offers powerful control functionality through 5 operator terminals, to help operators easily access, diagnose and optimize production processes via simplified visualization and control screens.

    Z.6 & Z.8 Field Distributor
    Z.8 Field Distributor houses the frequency inverter, including integrated overload protection and brake control, as well as the local I/O connections, integrated lockable disconnect and motor plug.
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