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SEW-Eurodrive's patented, keyless hollow shaft design TorqLOC®, adds advantages to the F-Series (theSNUGGLER®), K-Series (helical-bevel) and S-Series (helical-worm) reducers, resulting in benefits for users and OEM's.

Product Advantages
  • No keyway needed on customer's shaft to transmit torque
  • No threaded hole needed on customer's shaft in order to affix customer's shaft to gearbox
  • Customer may use cold-rolled or turned shaft stock without additional machining
  • Each reducer has several bushing diameters to help standardize and to reduce the number of spare reducers
  • Clearance between the customer's shaft and the inside of the hollow shaft ensures easier installation and removal of gear reducer
  • Suitable for wash down applications
  • Bolts that are used to tighten may also be used to dismantle the taper bushing
  • Additional tools or adapters are not required for removal
  • Can be used on existing (keyed) shafts without modifications

  • Steel or stainless steel
  • Nonsymmetrical (mount on one side only) or symmetrical (mount on either side)
  • 4-5 bushing diameters available in each reducer size
  • Customer's shaft tolerance +0/-0.007"

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