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SEW Eurodrive

W-Series SPIROPLAN® Low Horsepower Gearmotors

Product Range – W20 Series
0.5 HP with torques up to 350 lb-in.
Speed flexibility from 11 to 207 rpm using an 8, 6, or 4 pole

Product Range – W30 Series
1.0 HP with torques up to 620 lb-in.
Speed flexibility from 11 to 207 rpm using an 8, 6, or 4 pole
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SEW-Eurodrive's W20 and W30 Series gearmotors (right angle) are single-stage units with unique SPIROPLAN® gearing. They differ from worm gears in their steel-on-steel material combinations and special tooth meshing design, which makes wear-resistant and quiet operation possible.

Standard Features
  • Hardened steel gearing minimizes friction and wear
  • All steel gearing and lifetime lubrication eliminates maintenance and increases service life
  • Rugged aluminum housing keeps unit weight down
  • Center tapped holes on output shafts
  • Compact design fits tightest space requirements
  • Design withstands larger overhung loads
Mounting Configurations
  • Can be mounted in any orientation without changing lubricant levels. For even more flexibility, both the footprint and base-to-shaft center heights are identical, whether the gearmotor is mounted vertically or horizontally.
Typical Applications
  • Packaging conveyors
  • Laboratory mixers/kettles
  • Printing equipment conveyors
  • Metering pumps
  • Fractional horsepower applications
  • Space restricted applications
  • Replacement of worm gear reducers

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