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4150 Turbidimeter

Data Sheet
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The Signet 4150 Turbidimeter system provides accurate and reliable compliant waterquality monitoring for municipal and industrial applications.

The 4150 measures turbidity via a 90 degree light which reflects particles as they flow through the small volume, low flow glass cuvette. Air bubbles are eliminated in the cuvette by adjusting the backpressure valve on the outlet tube. The cuvette is located in a watertight dark chamber for continuously accurate on-line measurement. A replaceable desiccant pack provides stable environment to ensure reliable measurements.

Simple and fast calibration can be accomplished in under five minutes by placing the glass cuvette from the measuring chamber into the cuvette holder, while the inlet and outlet tubing is still connected. The inexpensive calibration standard allows for dry and multiple system calibrations without mixing chemicals. After calibration, the unit is up and running with a simple insertion of the glass cuvette into the measuring chamber.

Additional features of the 4150 include a message indicator when the desiccant needs replacing and as an option auto/ultrasonic cleaning of the glass in-line cuvette for longer runs between maintenance.

The 4150 is available in two measuring ranges. The 0 to 100 NTU/FNU version is for low range applications such as drinking water. The 0 to 1000 NTU/FNU range can be used for various applications including raw water and wastewater reclamation.


  • Simple and easy single-unit installation with built-in pressure regulator
  • EPA compliant per U.S. EPA 180.1 or ISO 7027
  • Spannable 4 to 20 mA output
  • Two adjustable alarm relays
  • Bright backlit display
  • Convenient holder for in-line cuvette
  • Easy access for wiring and maintenance
  • Ultrasonic cleaning option ensures long and steady
    on-line measurement
  • Inexpensive standards allow for multiple system calibrations


  • Monitoring Filter Performance
  • Raw or Filtered Water
  • Municipal Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Reclamation and Tertiary Effluent
  • Aquatic Life Support

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Updated on April 3rd 2019

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