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PLS, PLC and Network Modules

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PLC & Network Interface Products - 2110 Shut Height Monitor

Shut Height Monitor - The Series 2110 Shut Height Monitor gives you a highly accurate readout of shut height as you jog the shut height motor or manually adjust the shut height mechanism.  Once proper shut height is determined, the readout can be recorded for use the next time the die is used in the same press, significantly reducing setup time and the number of test parts.  Position accuracy of the 2110 is +/-.001".  The 2110 unit can be used with our Series 1986 Resolver Assembly, 1986MD Resolver with Mill Duty Housing, Series 951 Quik Stik II Linear Transducer, Series 953 VMax Linear Transducer,  and the 952 BlueOx Linear Transducer.

Modular Design
Six (6)/Seven (7) Segment Large Display
Ten (10) Segment LED Bar Graph
Two (2) Serial Communication Ports
Digital Input for Run/Program Selector Switch
Optional Relay Board
Variable Pulse L.D.T. Input Module Board
Control Pulse L.D.T. Input Module Board
Resolver Input Module Board
Designed to: UL 508 Specifications

PLC & Network Interface Products - 2120 PLC Interface Module

Interface Module - The Series 2120 PLC Interface Module is an accurate, absolute position sensing device for use with rugged, noise immune transducers in harsh environments.  It can be used as a simple indicator of position or as a PLC Interface Module generating digital signals, as well as serial and analog outputs to feed PLC’s.

The Series 2120 PLC  Interface Module improves on our popular Series 1994R and 1994L PLC  Interface modules.  In fact, the Series 2120 combines all the features of the Series 1994 into one unit with many added features our customers requested.  The Series 2110 and 2120 can be interfaced with a Series 951, Series 952, Series 955, and a Series 925. 

Power Requirements:85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz; internally fused at 1.5 Amps
Temperature:Operating: 32° to 131° F; Storage: 0° to 150° F
Environment:Humidity: 5% to 95%; Non-condensing
Shock & Vibration:Tested to MIL-Std 810E, Method 514.4, Category 10, 20-2K Hz, 2G sine, 0.04 G2/Hz random, UL 491, 5A 19, 10-150 Hz, 10G sine
Electromagnetic Compatibility:Tested to: IEC 801-2, Level 5 (electrostatic discharge requirements);IEC 801-4, Level 4 (Electrical fast transient/burst requirements);IEC 801-5, Level 3.5 (Surge immunity requirements)
Digital Outputs:TTL/CMOS @ 24 mA, 24V sinking/sourcing @ 200 mA, Update time: 50μS
Analog Outputs:+/- 10 VDC into 2K ohm; 4/20 mA (sourcing) into 500 ohm; Update time: 5mS
Memory Retention Time:Maintains last programmed values to ten years without power
Relay Contact Ratings:All relays rated UL & CSA for 1/4 HP, 125 to 250 VAC; 8A 250 VAC, 30 VDC, Shock Resistant to 10G
Movement Input:85 - 265 VAC, 12 mA (rms) max; optical isolated to 3200 VDC/2250 VAC
Program Mode Key Input:Dry contact; Open collector (drain) ONLY; +5 VDC Max.–current 0.2 mA
RS232 Output:115.2 K baud
RS485 Output:115.2 K baud

PLC & Network Interface Products - 1990DN DeviceNet Resolver Interface Module

DeviceNet Resolver Interface Module - The 1990DN Resolver Interface Module plugs in as a node on any control system or a DeviceNet Scanner Card.  Continuous rotary position data is provided with 23-bit resolution.  In addition, eight built-in user programmable set-points allow direct control of critical functions.  All programming is done over the DeviceNet network. This product can be used with the Series 1986 Resolver.


 - 12 bit (4096 Counts) 
Power Requirements - 92mA @ 11 VDC Typical,  67mA @ 24 VDC Typical
Inrush - 350mA @ 11 VDC for 20 msec., 450mA @ 25 VDC for 10 msec.
Device Type - Generic
Communications - Group 2 slave only
Messages Supported - Polled, Bit Strobed, Explicit

 - -20° C to 70° C
Storage -  -40° C to 85° C
Scale Factor - 2 to 4096
Position Range - 0 to 1 less than Scale Factor

Update Rates
 -  915μS
RPM - 29.29mS 

PLC & Network Interface Products - 1746 LDT Interface Card

Interface Card - The Series 1746L Transducer Interface Card incorporates Allen-Bradley licensed technology for complete compatibility with A-B Series 1746 I/O chassis.  The unit monitors machine position and delivers continuous absolute position data to the SLC processor in inches to 0.001” or in millimeters to 0.01 millimeters and velocity data. This high resolution is accomplished without the need for re-circulations for improved system response time. 

This product can be used with the Series 951 Quik-Stik II LDT, Series 952 BlueOx LDT, Series 953 VMax, and the 955S Smart BRIK LDT.

Resolver Based PLS - 1995A Micro-Set PLS

Resolver-based PLS,  Micro-set Programmable Limit Switch - The Series 1995A PLS was designed for use in rotary application.  It incorporates many features for safe, efficient operation.  The completely self-contained unit can operate up to 30 independent outputs (six standard) based on the rotary position of the resolver.  It offers an on-line "fault check" that provide an automatic, in process mechanism to verify that all major programmable limit switch functions are operating properly, The "fault check" output can be energized by activating the fault-check enable input.  The output is a mechanical relay that is energized during normal operation, having 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. contact. 

This unit can be used with our Series 1986 Resolver Assembly.  Enclosure options include Nema 4 and Nema 12.

Resolver Based PLS - 1995B Micro-Set PLS with Brake Monitor

Micro-set Programmable Limit Switch with Brake Monitor - The Series 1995B Micro-Set PLS was designed for use in the mechanical press industry.   It incorporates many features for safe, efficient press automation.  This completely self-contained unit can turn up to 30 independent outputs on or off based on the rotary position of the press crank.  On-line brake monitoring checks the stopping time of the press against a customer-selected preset stopping time.  It can also be used to check the stopping distance at any point in the stroke.  A dedicated mechanical SPDT relay remains energized when stopping time is within tolerance.  Once exceeded, the mechanical relay de-energizes to initiate a stoppage or warning signal.

This unit can be used with our Series 1986 Resolver Assembly.  Enclosure options include Nema 4 and Nema 12.

Linear Based PLS - 1995L Micro-Set PLS

The Series 1995L Micro-Set PLS was designed for use in linear machine control applications.  It incorporates many features for safe, efficient machine automation.   This completely self-contained unit can turn up to 30 independent outputs on or off based on the position of a linear displacement transducer or feedback from other analog devices such as pressure transducers, potentiometers, etc.  It offers 0-10 VDC input with a built-in +/- 15 VDC power supply for feed to a linear displacement transducer.   Other input voltages are available for use with other devices.    

The 1995L can be used with our Series 955 Brik Linear Transducer, our Series 951 Quik Stik II Linear Transducer, our Series 952 BlueOx Linear Transducer, and our Series 953 VMax Linear Transducer.

Resolver Based PLS - 1989 Quik-Set III Multi-Turn PLS

Quik-Set III Multi-turn PLS - The Quik-Set III is a fully integrated microcomputer-based Programmable Limit Switch with a convenient keypad for programming each independent output circuit to open or close at the desired settings.  The system allows precise position control of either rotary or linear motion through the keypad or by a remote programmable controller, computer or via any remote serial data link using RS-232 or RS-422.

The Quik-Set III PLS is a pilot device used for industrial applications such as material handling, assembly machines, mechanical presses, packaging machines, steel mills, and many other applications where accurate repetitive and sequential operations are required in control circuitry.


1991 Manual

Resolver Based PLS - 1991 Quik-Set IV UHS PLS

Quik-Set IV UHS Programmable Limit Switch -  The Series 1991 PLS is an ultra high-speed programmable limit switch designed to provide set point control in high-speed machine applications.  Its hardware driven logic circuits operate at a throughput time of 10 microseconds (.00001 seconds) on the first 16 output circuits.  This allows one count accuracy on systems with 3600 counts per revolution scale factor at speeds over 1600 RPM.  Speed compensation software allows independent rates of advance or retard on the leading and trailing edge of a programmed set point.  This allows full compensation for both the on and off response time of the machine function being manipulated for precise control of its location and duration within the machine cycle.  Operation programming can be done through its keypad or remotely via RS232 or RS485 from a PLC, PC or any computer device with two-way serial communications capability.      

The PLS system's position information, programs and set pint memory are non-volatile, making it as realizable as fixed limit or proximity switches, but far more flexible.

Resolver Based PLS - 2500 High Speed PLS

High Speed Programmable Limit Switch - The Series 2500 PLS is a high-speed resolver based Programmable Limit Switch that monitors rotary machine position and provides discrete limit switch outputs. These outputs are updated at a much faster rate than can be accomplished using any conventional PLC.  The 2500 PLS uses a unique easy to understand programming sequence. The traditional number buttons have been replaced with a rotary knob and the main controller has a 2 x 24 vacuum fluorescent display along with four push-button keys for programming.

The Series 2500 is a family of PLS's that offers unparalleled flexibility. The main controller is resolver-based and consists of 8 isolated DC inputs and 8 isolated output relays, one fault check output relay and one optional brake monitor input relay.

1992 Brochure

Resolver Based PLS - 1992 Press Set

Press-Set II - The Series 1992 Press-Set Automation Controller is designed as a modular system that allows you to select features and options to reach the level of automation your processes require.  The Series 1992 Press-Set includes a 16 channel programmable limit switch and 12 programmable and 3 static die protection inputs.  The programming features allow the unit it interfaces with feeders, tonnage monitor, lubricators and part transfer equipment.    

The Series 1992 Press-Set is a resolver-based system designed specifically for harsh pressroom environments. With it's "ready-to-serve" menu, the Press-Set reduces setup time and scrap and tooling damage while increasing uptime and improving profits and efficiency.

Resolver Based PLS - 7500 UHS Programmable Limit Switch

UHS Programmable Limit Switch - The Series 7500 UHS is - along with our 1771-B1 - the fastest PLS in the market place with its 5 microsecond scan times. This speed, along with the optional ControlNet communication abilities, make the 7500 an ideal candidate for high speed converting, nonwovens, web and packaging applications or anywhere that sophisticated I/O control and registration is required.    

The 7500's 16 inputs and 32 outputs with output grouping capabilities make even the most complex operation easy for engineers and operators alike. With either incremental encoder or resolver input, the 7500 UHS is ideal for any application - even those with no 1:1 machine-to-product ratio.

Resolver Based PLS - 1771 UHS Programmable Limit Switch

UHS Programmable Limit Switch - The Series 1771 Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) is a resolver-based unit that incorporates Allen-Bradley technology and is completely compatible with the A-B Series 1771 I/O chassis.  The Gemco 1771-PLS Series cards are internally powered from the PLC backplane, eliminating the need for an external power supply.  The resolver input provides 14 bit (16,384 count) resolution and field programmable scale factor. 

There are two models available, the 1771 PLS-B1 and the 1771 PLS-C1.  These units can be used with our Series 1986 Resolver Assembly.

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