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Utility Valves

PE Ball Valve

pe ball valve

Your gas or water distribution network can be easily extended or replaced by using the PE ball valve.

In combination with the ELGEF Plus modular system you have an excellent solution to fulfill the service lines requirements.







Fields of Application:

  • water and gas distribution
  • industrial pressure applications
  • distribution lines, house connections


  • total plastic network
  • every link in the chain reacts the same as the previous one
  • easy connection to PE-piping systems with Electro- or Buttfusion technology
  • protection against overtightening
  • corrosion resistant




ELGEF Plus Pressure Tapping Valve

ELGEF Plus Pressure Tapping Valve

Your gas or water distribution network can be extended whilst under full mains pressure, thereby gaining full flexibility with a modular system of components.

Long-life expectancy as a result of decades of experience. A choice can be made between two tapping designs and then the 360° rotatable outlet is brought into position. You decide the direction!







Fields of Application:

  • water and gas distribution
  • house connections


  • PE100 cover for perfect corrosion protection
  • selective materials for maintenance-free long design service life
  • high-quality joints with optimum sealing
  • complete system with just a few parts
  • reduced stock volume with savings of up to 50%
  • 360° rotation of outlet permits infi nitely variable positioning and wide freedom of movement during assembly



POM Service Valve

pom service valve

For house service connections in water distribution, we offer a robust plastic gate valve for direct or lateral tie-in. A plus of the robust plastic gate valve is its easy installation.

This lightweight couldn`t be easier to handle. Whether you wish to combine different materials or use different jointing techniques- GF Piping Systems has the ideal economical solution for you.

Rely on such proven products as our ELGEF Plus modular system. The system modularity and flexibility can be used to find the perfect combination of components for your particular application.




Fields of Application:

  • water distribution
  • industrial pressure applications
  • house connections


  • POM-service valve with soft sealed gate
  • integrated protection from over tightening through misuse
  • service valves made out of POM are suitable for aggressive soils
  • no corrosion or incrustation of the valve due to smooth surfaces
  • very light POM Service Valve in comparison to metal valves






pe hydrant

Underground hydrants with PE spigot ends and flange connections

The underground hydrant made of polyethylen (PE) creates a milestone towards a totally homogenous PE network.

As the central part of a complete modular construction system the hydrant design allows interesting solutions permitting easy- to-execute tie-ins into pipeline from all material types and adapts to each individual material characteristic and possible site condition.

GF Piping Systems offers PE-Hydrant in a wide variety of different models and lengths.



Fields of Application:

  • water distribution
  • fire fighting


  • eliminates corrosion
  • double drainage system avoids early failure
  • light-weight enables easy installation on site
  • long-term efficiency
  • time and money-saving installation technology






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