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GF Valves, Actuators, Sensors, and InstrumentsGeorge Fischer +GF+

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A secure supply of clean water is becoming one of the crucial challenges of this century. GF Piping Systems meets this worldwide demand by providing safe, corrosion-free plastic piping systems. Spec-Tech offers one-stop shopping of GF Piping Systems with over 40,000 products for diverse applications and specialized markets: jointing technology, fittings, valves, measuring devices and pipes are used for water conveyance and treatment as well as the transport of liquids and gases for industrial purposes.

Also see our +GF+ Signet products.GF Valves, Actuators, Sensors, and Instruments

George Fischer Products:
Signet - Flow (sensors/instruments)
Signet - Level (sensors/instruments)
Signet - Pressure (sensors/instruments)
Signet - Temperature (sensors/instruments)
Signet - pH/ORP (sensors/instruments)
Signet - Conductivity/Resistivity (sensors/instruments)

Signet - Turbidity
Signet - Multi Parameter ControllerGF Valves, Actuators, Sensors, and Instruments
Signet - Installation Fittings
GF - Ball Valves (546, 543, 375, 323, 322, 353-355, 107, 130-135,
, 230-235, 285-288)
GF - Butterfly Valves
GF - Diaphragm Valves
GF - Solenoid Valves
GF - Check Valves/Strainer
GF - Special Valves
GF - Utility Valves
GF - Pressure Control Valves
GF - Electric Actuators
GF - Pneumatic Actuators

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