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PC3 and PC2 Power Supplies

Seametrics Power Supplies Specifications and Instruction Manual .PDF

Power Supplies

The PC3 power supply is designed as a convenient 24VDC power supply for use with a 120 VAC outlet. Terminals allow user connection of wiring on the low-voltage side. Since this is an unregulated power supply, actual voltage may be as high as 27VDC, depending on load.   The PC2 is a terminal-by-terminal supply, designed for use in the protected environment of a panel or enclosure. This compact unit is regulated at 24VDC, and is well-suited for powering a 4-20 mA loop.

PC3 Power Supply

PC2 (Terminal-by-Terminal) Power Supply


PC3   PC2  
Input Power 120VAC/60Hz/19W Input Power 115VAC/60Hz (External fuse recommended)
Output Voltage/Current

24 VDC@500mA

Output Voltage/Current 24VDC ± 1%VDC@100mA
Regulation Unregulated Regulation ± 1% (line and load)
Screw Terminal Size 18 AWG Ripple and Noise 1mV RMS
Dimensions 82 x 56 x 49mm
(3.23"l x 2.20"w x 1.93"h)
Screw Terminal Size 18AWG
Operating Temperature 0-60° C Dimensions 76 x 56 x 35.5mm
(2.99"l x 2.20"w x 1.40"h)
Safety Agency Approvals UL LISTED
Operating Temperature 0-60° C

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