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Seametrics Mounting Kits

Mounting Kits
Mounting kits for converting IP and TX flow meters

Seametrics Blind Caps

Blind Caps
Blind Caps for IP and TX Series flow meter

Seametrics Power Supplies

Power Supplies
PC2 and PC3 Power Supplies

Seametrics Special Tools

Special Tools
Special tools for servicing IP and TX Series flow meters

Accessories Parts Listing

Part Number Description
MK10 Mounting Kit (for meter mount)
MK20 Mounting Kit (for wall mount)
PC1 Power converter (110/60 to 12VDC)
PC2 Power converter-Term by Term (115VAC to 24VDC)
17801 Blind cap, IP/TX80 series, PVC
17802 Blind cap, IP/TX80 series, polypro
14195 Blind cap, IP/TX100/200 series,Brass
14196 Blind cap, IP/TX100/200 series, Stainless
25073 Flange, blanking, 3"-8", WTS/WTC
25075 Flange, blanking, 1.5"-2", WTS/WTC
26117 Mandrel, IP/TX special tool
26118 Spanner, sensor retaining screw IP/TX/WT
26108 Bearing removal tool, SPX/SPT

Updated on April 3rd 2019

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