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Ohio Magnetics is a world leader in the development of lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment for the steel, scrap processing, recycling, mining and rail industries. Established in 1917, Ohio Magnetics, Inc. is one of the oldest magnet manufacturing companies in the U.S. Ohio Magnetics produces standard and specialized circular, bipolar and rectangular lifting magnets as well as power supplies, including rectifiers, power takeoff, hydraulic-driven generators and magnet controls.

Ohio Magnetics Product Index:
Lifting Magnet Design Form
Ohio Magnetics Product Family Brochure 

Scrap Handling and Auxiliary Magnets
LoadStar Series
LS-X Series
AWX Series
CWX Series
AWL Series

Steel Mill Type Magnets
SR Series
Heavy-Duty Fabricated Rectangularoh_color9_mag_app.jpg (360370 bytes) Magnets
Cast-Case Rectangular Magnets
Bi-Polar Magnets
CL Type Coil-Handling Magnets

Duty-Cycle™ Magnet Controllers
Model CDS
Model MC-1A
Model MC-1.5A
Model MC-2A
Model RD1W
Model RD2A
Model RD3A
Operator Controller Switches

Rectifiers / DC Power Supplies
Low-Voltage Power Supplies for Small Magnets
Lifting Magnet / Heavy-Duty DC Power Supplies
DC Power Supply Accessories

Duty-Cycle™ Generators
Hydra-Mag Generator Packages
Generators Designed for Hydraulic Motors and Related Controls
Generators Designed for Power Takeoff
Gasoline Engine-Driven Generators
Air-Cooled, Diesel Engine-Driven Generators
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Ancillary Equipment
Safety Disconnect Switch
Battery Back-Ups / Emergency Power Supplies

Technical Information

Lifting Magnets

    Lifting Magnet Brochure

         Scrap Handling and Auxiliary Equipment Magnets

         Steel Mill Type Magnets

         Magnet Controllers

         Safety Disconnect Switch

         DC Power Supplies


         Emergency Power Supplies (Battery Back Ups)


         HydraMag Generator Package

         Rectangular Magnets

    Index to Contents of Instruction Manual

        x. General Dos and Don'ts of Magnet Operation

        0. System Information: Inspection and Maintenance

        1. Magnet Inspection and Maintenance

        2. System Connections and Details

        3. Magnet Controller Information

        4. Cable Reel Maintenance

        5. DC Generator Installation, Connection, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Magnet Controllers

    CDS Manual

     MC1A Manual

     MC1.5A and MC2A Manual

    MST Manual

    RD1A Manual

    RD1W Manual

    RD2A Manual

    RD3A Manual

Schematics indicating Spare Parts Lists

    - DC Generators








Magnet Rectifier Power Supply Manual
Emergency Power Supply (Battery Back Up) Manual

Ohio Magnetics Product Part Numbers

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