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GEMCO is AMETEK APT's flagship product line that includes Linear and Rotary Position Sensors, PLC & Network Interface Products, Press Automation, Programmable Limit Switches, Industrial brakes, and more. These products are designed for applications where high accuracy, high speed and high reliability in harsh environments is important.

The 953 VMAX is GEMCO's newest Linear Displacement Transducer with lab tested shock resistance to 1000 Gs and vibration resistance to 30 Gs. Patented technology allows GEMCO ELECTRIC products to out-last competitive products in lumber mills, steel mills, stamping presses, and die-casting applications.


CATRAC is a line of Heavy Duty Cable and Hose Carriers that is used on various types of machinery as a means of protecting cables and hoses that convey power, electricity, air, or fluid while the equipment is in motion.

AMETEK APT's CATRAC line of carriers is known for superior corrosion resistance. It is designed to be maintenance free and comes in a wide variety of sizes with many options available.

Aluminum and stainless steel CATRAC is also available as well as a line of SnapTrac nylon carriers.

Gemco Linear Feedback Linear Feedback

925 Linear Cable Sensor
940 LDT
950IS Intrinsically Safe LDT
950MD Mill Duty Housing LDT
951 Quik Stik II LDT
952 BlueOx LDT

955S Smart BRIK LDT
956 BLOK Housing Option

Gemco Rotary Feedback Rotary Feedback

1950 Precision Limit Switch Brochure
1970 - Drive Chek Control
1980 - Rotating Cam Limit Switch
1980R - Rotating Cam Limit Switch w/ Resolver
1983 - Optical Limit Switch
1986A - Standard Foot Mount Resolver
1986B - 2.25
1986C - 2.06
1986D - 3
1986DN DeviceNet Resolver
1986E - 100mm Face Mount Resolver
1986F - Standard Block Style Resolver
1986G - 3
1986GG - Multi-Turn Dual Resolver
1986H - Servo Mount Resolver
1986I - 4
1986MD - Mill Duty Housing
1986XP - Explosion Proof Resolver
1996C Ram-Set Controller
1997 Brochure
2000 - Rotary Limit Switch
2006 - K Type Rotary Limit Switch

Gemco Industrial Brakes Industrial Brakes

Electro-Thrust Brakes - Electro-ThrustShoe Brakes
Hydraulic Brakes - Hydraulic Shoe Brakes
Magnetic Brakes - Magnetic DC Shoe Brakes
Solenoid Brakes - Solenoid AC Shoe Brakes

Cable and Hose Carriers Cable and Hose Carriers


PLS, PLC, and Network PLS, PLC, and Network Modules

1746 LDT Interface Card
1771 UHS Programmable Limit Switch
1989 Quik-Set III Multi-Turn PLS

1991 Quik-Set IV UHS PLS
1992 Press Set
1990DN DeviceNet Resolver Interface Module

1995A Micro-Set PLS

1995B Micro-Set PLS with Brake Monitor
1995L Micro-Set PLS
2110 Shut Height Monitor
2120 PLC Interface Module
2500 High Speed PLS
7500 UHS Programmable Limit Switch

Safety Products Foot and Palm Switches Safety Products, Foot and Palm Switches

Press Safety Products - 1025 Foot & Palm SwitchesPress Safety Products - 1999 Semelex II Safetimeter


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